Research Concert

Other Self (Robot piano & Artificial Intelligence) by Marcelo Gimenes
Entangled Brains (Brain-Computer Music Interface and Quantum Computer) by Alexis Kirke
Queen Canute (Clarinet and Electronics) by Nuria Bonet

The research concert showcases research, new ideas and technologies developed by ICCMR composers. The University of Plymouth is a leader in the development of Artificial Intelligence for music. We are pioneers in Music Neurotechnology and on using quantum computing in music.

Marcelo's research is to do with creating musical Artificial Intelligence models of himself. His models inhabit a parallel universe inside a computer in the lab. Other Self will be an improvisation with his other selves live on stage.

Alexis is planning to link the brains of two performers to a quantum computer via EEG headsets. Quantum processes acting on their brainwaves will produce the piece Entangled Brain.

Nuria's new composition will explore the intriguing world of seabird communication. Queen Canute harnesses musical structures in the sounds made by seagulls.

Free admission, booking advised

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