Mini-film promoting rescue dog adoption goes viral

A new mini-film that promotes the adoption of rescue dogs has generated 1.1 million views on Facebook, after dog lovers from across the UK shared the video over 29,000 times.

'When Harry Met Hero' - created by dog grooming product company HOWND - documents the relationship between a boy and a rescue puppy as they grow up together. It aims to promote the adoption of rescue dogs, following the popularity of the ‘Adopt Don’t Shop’ campaign against puppy farming.

The two-minute film starts with a chance encounter at a local fishing pond between a nine-year-old boy called Harry and an abandoned puppy, later named Hero. Realising Hero is alone, Harry convinces his mother to adopt him.

They subsequently navigate through the years as loyal companions, taking on the challenges of adolescence and adulthood, while creating timeless memories as inseparable best friends. The film ends with an ageing Hero wanting to rest instead of playing with Harry, in the same location they met 10 years ago and to which they regularly visit.

Directed by Toby Stewart of Crocodile Films and produced by Ben Owusu, the movie reflects the special bond we have with our dogs over a lifetime. This link is something appreciated by HOWND, as their range of grooming products span across a dog’s life, from puppyhood to golden oldies.

“Almost everyone has experienced a special connection to a dog that endures over the years. It’s sometimes difficult to describe such a bond in words - but we feel that Harry and Hero represent this idea beautifully on-screen,” explains Jo Amit, co-founder of HOWND, who wrote the original script for filming.

“The story was inspired by my family’s own experience of a rescue dog and the timeless memories we created together. Being advocates of the ‘Adopt Don’t Shop’ campaign, we had a very clear idea of what we wanted to communicate in the film. Those who watch the movie will realise that Harry actually rescues Hero, who is abandoned and alone. In return, Harry gets a lifetime of joy and happiness. This isn’t a unique story by any means - but that’s what makes this movie special. It’s a celebration of the connection between a dog who is rescued and a boy who wants a companion, a feeling that many of us have experienced.

“Being a Cruelty Free International certified brand, we’re proud that this movie shines a light on our business values and ethos. We're overwhelmed with the reception we've had so far, hopefully it's made people aware of rescue dog adoption.”

#WhenHarryMetHero is available to view on HOWND’s social media channels - including Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. It can also be viewed on the brand’s official website.

HOWND is an award-winning pet product manufacturer and is a proud supporter of All Dogs Matter. For every online product sold, a donation of 50p is made to the charity, which helps rescue and rehome dogs in Greater London.

For further information about HOWND, please visit or call a member of the team on +44 (0)20 3004 5255.