Impulse Purchasing Survey: Fashion leads the way for consumer snap purchases

A new survey has found that the UK will spend £200 more when shopping online than in-store on average. Tech-savvy young professionals were the happiest to part with money, with just under one out of five 22 – 25 year old’s admitting to having spent over £1000.

The spending habits research, conducted by St. Albans-based Gallery Rouge, found that of the 260 items bought on a whim, the fashion industry thrived most from online shopping, accounting for one-third of all purchases made on impulse.

The top 5 purchase sectors:

• Fashion – 33%
• Tech and gadgets – 22%
• Home décor / art – 17%
• Holidays – 12%
• Jewellery – 7%

The average person will spend £1000 on spur-of-the-moment purchases every year, with nearly 60% of us admitting to as many as five impulse purchases per week, a staggering 260 snap purchases a year.

The majority of respondents (34%) stated that the most that they’ll spend on an impulse purchase is £500. Men are more likely to spend above this, with 28% of males having made purchases over £500 compared to just 5% of female respondents.

The stigma behind spending large amounts online is no longer an issue for retailers operating online, with the study showing that more respondents had spent over £500 online recently (7%) compared to spending the same amount in-store (3%).

The data shows that men have a weak spot for tech, with 50% of male respondents stating that tech was their most common purchase. For women, 45% stated that it was fashion that topped their list.

Trend expert, Daniel Levine said, “Mobile shopping has compressed the time between thought, desire, and purchase. Think about it: You have the thought that you might want something. You can immediately look it up online, decide that you want it and click the ‘buy’ button.”

Gallery Rouge conducted the survey as it launches its Visualiser app – the leading gallery customer experience app of its kind to show a 3D model of the art in the home before purchase. Visualiser allows art to be bought online without shoppers running the risk of the new piece not fitting in the home when received.

Kuldip Chohan, Managing Director of Gallery Rouge, said, “There is a growing comfort in buying more valuable objects online. Our aim is to help people buy with confidence and helping someone visualise the artwork on their walls in real time and real size is a massive plus.”

The launch of the app helps improve the purchase experience, says Kuldip; “Nothing beats seeing artwork in the flesh. What Visualiser does is allow individuals who may not be close to the gallery stocking the piece to ‘try before they buy’. We’re reducing the risk of getting it wrong, which results in buyer remorse. If you spend £1000 on a piece of artwork, you want to make sure it works in your space.”

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