Thieves target heating oil across the region

Devon and Cornwall Police are warning people to be aware that thieves continue to target heating oil from both domestic and business premises across the region.

In the last seven days (between 8th and 15th March 2013) the force have received 14 complaints from across the two counties where quantities of between 100 and 750 litres of oil have been stolen. 11 of those reports have been in Cornwall.

Police advise that oil is frequently stored in rural areas and can be difficult to protect. Owners can make life more difficult for any would be thief by fitting good quality locks to the tanks and secure any gates on the approach to make access difficult.

Supply pipes from the house to the tank are also vulnerable so police suggest checking these frequently for signs of interference and say that PIR lighting and CCTV would also reduce the chances of becoming a victim.

Any suspicious behaviour should be reported to the police at the time that it is happening whilst anyone with any information regarding this crime is asked to call Crimestoppers on 0800 555111 quoting crime reference BE/13/133 or online via