These are the Top Courses to Study at Plymouth University

It's no secret that Plymouth University's star is on the rise. Despite being granted its university charter only a quarter of a century ago, the institution's strong teaching and focus on preparing students for careers in emerging sectors has resulted in it being ranked as one of the top 40 global modern universities, according to

There are now over 100,000 alumni of Plymouth Uni, spread out over 100 countries, who have been able to launch their international careers thanks to the strong range of technical courses on offer. If you're wondering what PU's strong suits are, read on to find out the courses worth studying there.

Marine Biology

Perhaps unsurprisingly, Plymouth is one of the best places in the country, if not the world, to study marine life. The university has a dedicated £100 million marine research centre located on the coast and has been at the forefront of a huge number of groundbreaking research developments over the past few years. Competition to get onto this course is fierce, with thousands of applicants a year from dozens of countries hoping to train at one of the leading marine biology departments in the UK.

Game Arts & Design

Video game design is big business, and the gaming industry in the UK is booming right now. The online gaming industry, in particular, is posting the strongest growth, so demand (and salaries) for game designers who can help build the latest popular online games such as online blackjack for British companies such as Betfair, which as you can see here,, is skyrocketing. Plymouth has been helping meet that demand for years thanks to its acclaimed Game Arts & Design course, which pairs up students with leading game studios, giving them practical experience and real-world connections.

Computer & Information Security

According to CWjobs, the average cybersecurity specialist salary in the UK has now reached a whopping £87,500, up 6% from last year according to With cybersecurity demands skyrocketing, companies are willing to pay top dollar for graduates who have the necessary skills to protect them from hackers. Plymouth's Computer & Information Security course has won plenty of praise for its hands-on approach, which involves placing graduates with a top company in their third year.


Since the very first days of the University's existence, dentistry has been one of the top courses on offer. This course continues to dominate the UCAS rankings for dentistry in the UK, thanks largely to the state-of-the-art training facilities and talented staff at the helm. Graduates from this competitive course regularly go on to reach the top of their field, equipped with multi-disciplinary skills provided by the NHS and the Institute of Translational and Stratified Medicine - check out some of their groundbreaking work with Plymouth graduates at

Business Management

Plymouth's Business Management course places a strong focus on employability, encouraging students to launch their own startups and compete for seed funding alongside some of the most talented business minds in the UK. This course is one of the most popular among international students, featuring alumni from the US, China, Germany, Switzerland, and Russia, to name just a few.

The UCAS deadline for 2019 may have passed, but Plymouth allows people to apply right up until the start of term. If these courses appeal to you, make sure to check and see if there are any vacancies.