Plymouth's Eddie Ryan battling to regain title

On July 31st, only one man stands between Eddie Ryan and an historic third heavyweight wrestling title, that man is Tyler Hawke.

This match will be the main event of the spectacular summer showcase event ‘Heat Wave’ put on by Plymouth Wrestling Association at the Plymouth School of Creative Arts.

“Being a Plymouth boy, being PWA Heavyweight champion is something I expect of myself, to prove I am the very best Plymouth has to offer.”

It has been an incredible year already for Eddie. In April he came within a hairs breadth of beating one of the best wrestlers in the world today, former WWE superstar Drew Galloway at the PWA Anniversary show in April.

“After testing myself against Drew Galloway in the biggest match of my career to date, and just coming up short, I am ready to focus all my efforts and I fully intend to add a third reign to my expanding resume.”

Eddie Ryan has proven time and time again that he is the real deal and has been in the ring with some of the best in the business. Now there is only one thing on his mind and that is winning the PWA title in Plymouth in front of the people of Plymouth.

“Don’t get me wrong, Tyler is a fighting champion, and he has worked hard to get to be champion. But of the battles we have had, he has yet to beat me. I know he will give me all he has, I do not deny that, but will it be enough? Maybe, anyone can beat anyone on the right day, but the odds currently aren’t in his favour. He will have my respect, but he won’t have my sympathy.”

This epic clash between PWA champion Tyler Hawke and Eddie Ryan has been months in the making. It is the ultimate battle of the two biggest fan favourites in the entire south west. Only one can emerge as champion and Eddie is determined to make sure that he is the one walking out of the Plymouth School of Creative Arts as champion on July 31st.

“Being champion means the world to me - I am coming to win, and I want his very best.”

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