Keeping up with The Pilgrims!

Living in a city like Plymouth, it can be a hassle getting from a to b. Busses, bicycles, pedestrians, roadworks, thousands of other cars- it can make nipping out to do the shopping or popping down to the bookies, a rather laborious task! Whilst I cannot do your shopping for you, what if I told you that there was a way you could place bets on your favourite sporting events AND win big, real money prizes without even leaving your house? I know- crazy right! I suggest you head on over to this site that gives you the lowdown on free bet sign ups to find out more! So with that sorted, now read on to find out some fascinating facts about everyone’s favourite Plymouth based sports teams- Plymouth Argyle!

  1. Did you know that Plymouth Argyle were founded back in 1886 as Argyle FC.
  2. Did you also know that their nickname is “The Pilgrims” and they got this name from the religious folks that set sail from Plymouth to the New World back in 1620?
  3. Did you also know that their logo is The Mayflower which was actually the name of the ship that carried the pilgrims all the way to Massachusetts?
  4. Did you know that their stadium- Home Park was completely ruined by bombers during WWII and its new stadium has a capacity of 17,000 fans?
  5. Did you know that the title of most appearances goes to Kevin Hodges who made an impressive 602 appearances up until his retirement in 1992?
  6. Did you know that in 1997, Plymouth played Chesterfield and a huge fight broke out between players that not only lasted for 88 minutes, but resulted in FIVE players getting a red card and being sent off!
  7. Did you know that the youngest player ever was Lee Phillips who was 16 years old when he first played against Gillingham in 1996!
  8. Did you know that the oldest player to play for Argyle was Peter Shilton who was 44 years old in his last game against Burnley in 1993.
  9. Argyles number one goal scorer is Sammy Black who scored a pretty impressive 184 over the span of his career.
  10. The biggest transfer fee ever paid was £500,000 to Cardiff City for Steven Maclean in January 2008
  11. Did you know that the record transfer fees ever received was a whopping £2.5 million for Peter Halmosi from Hull City in 2008.
  12. Did you know that the longest serving manager is Frank Brettel who held the position in two timeframes from 1905-1906 and then 1910-1938!
  13. Did you know that their record win was against Milwall in 1932 and they beat them 8-1!
  14. Did you know that the highest attendance at an Argyle game was an impressive 43,426 against Aston Villa all the way back in 1936.

There is our roundup of some interesting facts about The Pilgrims so you can make an educated decision when you consider placing an online bet on their next game!