Enduro - The How’s and Why’s

Motor sporting is a diverse and dynamic disciple that has many faces. Depending on your level of skill, it can be seen from various points differently by people. For some people, a dirt road with extreme obstacles may be the perfect course to exercise their prowess and mastery of motocross as a sport. This is where Enduro comes in. Enduro is actually a form of motorsport that is done on cross country, off road courses. The level of difficulty and hurdles in this form of motocross is more than the average to say the least.

Enduro racing can be best described as a timekeeping event. Basically, riders leave together either in a group or row, with each row starting a different minute from the other. The main objective here is to arrive at the schedule checkpoint at a predetermined time. Early or late arrivals will mean penalization for the riders on their average scores.

Enduro can be easily confused with other forms of motocross racing such as rallies but, as mentioned before, Enduro follows a main principle which is time keeping. Enduro requires the participants to keep a prescribed mile per hours on the varying terrain in order to reach the required objective. The competitors are monitored by secret checkpoints placed through the course and are penalized or otherwise based on the time of arrival on these checkpoints.

Is Endurocross Similar To Enduro? There is also a form of Enduro called Endurocross. There is a bit of mystery with this one for most people. Endurocross takes places within a stadium. The rough terrain is built by track builders to mimic by addition of obstacles like logs, large tractor tires, rocks and water hazards practically everywhere on the track. The jumps often involved with motocross are also made possible because it would not really be a true motocross without the dramatic jumps and bums on the course. It is quite similar to Enduro but shrunk down to arena size with crazed fans chugging stadium beer.

For a difficult and competitive form of motor sport like Enduro, to win, you would require the right gear. That means helmets, motocross clothing (kits, gloves and trousers), motocross goggles, boots, base-layers and balaclavas. Generally, you need the right tools for the job to be a success and safe. At 24mx, you will find all these and more. 24mx is a one–stop shop for your racing gear at an affordable price not forgetting they are the leading sellers dealing with anything and everything motocross.

If you have always wondered what Enduro is or you would like to get more information on Enduro generally, there is your answer. If you a motocross enthusiast who has always wanted to be involved more in it other than standing and cheering in the sideline, why not try enduro? After all the difficult and obstacles involved in this type of motocross will, without a doubt, give a higher than usual adrenaline rush. It is a simply an awesome form of racing