Adult Parkour Classes leap into Plymouth

Street Motion Freerunning Academy has launched a new outdoor functional strength and fitness training programme for adults in Plymouth City Centre.

Based upon the moves seen in action movies such as Casino Royale, Parkour (Also known as Freerunning) is a high intensity physical training exercise which is not only very effective but also a lot of fun.

Street Motion have been running indoor classes for under 18's at Lipson community college for the last 3 years but a number of requests from parents and uni students was the inspiration behind the outdoor sessions.

Classes take place on a Monday afternoon 3pm - 4pm and are aimed at all adults who have a basic level of fitness and are looking for something more than they would get from a gym environment.

Classes run all year round, rain or shine. Minimum age is 16. Anyone wishing to participate must book at least 24 hours in advance.

More information can be found on their website: