Public Service Day campaign wins backing of MP Johnny Mercer

People of Plymouth urged to say ‘thank you’ to public service workers on June 23

A campaign asking people to say ‘thank you’ to the country’s millions of public service workers on Public Service Day has won the backing of Plymouth Moor View MP Johnny Mercer.

The day, on June 23, was officially launched by the United Nations as long ago as 2003 but has barely been recognised in the UK so far.

Now public sector membership club Boundless wants to change that and put the country’s hard-working public servants – from teachers to firefighters and administrators to nurses - in the spotlight.

It is asking everyone in Plymouth and Devon to mark Public Service Day by saying a simple thank you to those who work so hard in the public sector – whether that is in person, in writing or on social media.

MP Johnny Mercer, a former British Army officer, said: “I’m fully supportive of the re-launch of Public Service Day on June 23rd by Boundless and ready to say thank you to five million people or more employed in the public sector. It’s about time we all recognise the work they do, and I think Boundless have done a fantastic job in bringing this to the forefront of the British people’s minds.

“Just talking about and raising awareness for the day will go a long way to making our public sector workers feel valued and appreciated.”

Boundless will be donating £10,000 to be spread across five charities which serve those in public service to say its own special thank you, including The Firefighters Charity, Police Care UK, the Education Support Partnership, The Charity for Civil Servants and the RCN Foundation.

However, people across the UK are being urged to make a far simpler contribution: by just saying ‘thanks’ to the people in public service who have impacted their lives.

Boundless Chair Heather Glanville said: “It’s so easy to forget what a big contribution people who work in the public sector make to society, but all our lives are supported by them in some way, almost every day of the year.

“Whether it is the nurse who looks after you in hospital, the police officer who comes to your rescue, the midwife who delivers babies, the civil servant at the job centre who goes the extra mile or the teacher who inspires us and our children – it’s time to let them know they are appreciated.

“A simple ‘thank you’, whether that is online, in a letter or in person, can go a long way. After all, we all need to feel appreciated.”

Boundless believes Public Service Day is the perfect time to remember the 5.37m people employed in the public sector and civil service in the UK.

Heather added: “It’s remarkable, really, that the day has been so overlooked in the UK given the proud history of our public sector and the number of people who work in it. This year, let’s put that right.”

To join the conversation and share your stories as to how public sector workers have supported you, please use the hashtags #PublicServiceDay #timetosaythanks and include @bemoreboundless.

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