Measures to improve safety in West Down Road

Traffic calming measures have been introduced in West Down Road to tackle problems with speeding and ‘rat running’.

We have installed speed humps and are painting ‘slow’ markings to help improve safety and ensure drivers comply with the 20mph speed limit in this residential road.

Councillor Sue Dann, Cabinet Member for Environment and Street Scene, said: “We’ve made it a priority to improve road safety and local quality of life by continuing to roll out 20mph zones and tackling speeding and other issues around our schools and residential areas.

“In approaching this we look at the three ‘Es’ – engineering, education and enforcement.

“We hope the new speed humps and markings will help enforce the speed limit along West Down Road and deter drivers from using it as a short cut to main routes.

“We will shortly be introducing a new 20mph speed limit and speed cushions on North Prospect Road and consulting on more 20mph zones for the next financial year.

“We will also be working closely with schools to identify further potential sites for 20mph speed limits and other traffic calming features to help keep pedestrians – especially young children – safe on their journeys.”

Civil enforcement teams are also focusing efforts outside schools with recurring parking issues, reminding drivers about restrictions in place and the importance of keeping these areas safer for all road users, particularly children.