How to start couponing: A guide for beginners

The couponing culture has never been as prevalent as it is today, with thousands of consumers across Plymouth choosing to redeem vouchers and discount codes rather than paying over the odds for their items. It’s fast-paced business, but you may just save yourself a fortune...

Find your coupons

You’ll quickly realise that coupons can be found almost everywhere, scattered between newspapers and magazines, product packaging, supermarket publications, community literature, and brand websites and social media. Dedicate a little of your time to sourcing your savings, noting down the deals you’ve seen and where these bargains can be found. A little like writing a shopping list, you’ll now have a much better idea of the savings you’ll make.

Demonstrate your loyalty

Brands love to reward loyalty, and will often do so with additional discounts and coupons handed out via e-newsletters, mailshots, social media and retail apps. If you regularly buy products from a particular brand or retailer follow them on social media, sign up for email updates and let them know whenever you have a comment. Compliments and complaints are appreciated in equal measure, since they enable brands to improve their services. You might just get a few coupons out of your time.

Join the digital revolution

There’s a general misconception that couponing has to take hours of your time each week, as you scour publications, packaging and social media for discount codes and vouchers. Why not sign up for an account with Wedosavings? This online couponing service provides users with regular updates, price comparisons and personalised coupons, as well as access to huge savings on all kinds of items. This UK-based service for UK consumers is completely free, although members paying just £9.99 a month for a Wedosavings direct debit will enjoy customised deals, daily alerts and assistance with utility switches. This means more deals based on the products you want and need, and less hassle all round. What’s not to love?

Keep your coupons handy

If you’ve been collecting coupons diligently the last thing you want to do is forget them all. Keep your coupons in a handy, designated folder or wallet, or make sure that coupons are placed in your bag or purse as soon as they’ve been clipped. With Wedosavings you’ll never need to clip, or hang on to coupons again. Members receive customised daily updates and coupons directly via app or inbox, and are sent alerts of the best deals in shops in their vicinity when they’re out and about. Couponing has never been so convenient, or stress-free. It’s little wonder that the reviews for Wedosavings are so positive!

Familiarise yourself with the small print

It’s important to realise that not all coupons can be redeemed in exactly the same way. While some offers are limited to one per transaction, others may specify one coupon per item or allow multibuy offers to increase your savings. Do you know the true value of your coupons, or how they can be used? Reading the small print will make sure you’re getting the most out of every coupon, and save embarrassment at the checkout.


Coupons offer consumers amazing deals on the items we love, and need to buy – up to 50% in the case of Wedosavings. However, buying an item purely because it’s reduced won’t save you any money in the long run. Create a wish list, and stick to the items you can justify buying whenever a deal emerges. Wedosavings ensures that only the most relevant deals are sent to its members. This means that you’re less likely to splurge, and save a decent amount of cash on products you really want and need. It’s a win-win situation.

We’d love to hear about your couponing triumphs. What have you saved, and what were your best deals?