Aviary appeal takes off at Plymouth animal rescue sanctuary

A Plymouth animal charity is appealing for sponsorship to fund a purpose-built aviary for the soaring number of birds in its care.

In the last three years, Woodside Animal Welfare Trust at Elfordleigh has seen a sharp rise in the number of birds being brought into the sanctuary.

As the only charity in the Plymouth area taking in unwanted and rescued birds for rehoming, the sanctuary found homes for around 30 birds in 2018, a number that is expected to keep rising.

To coincide with National Bird Day on January 5, Woodside has launched an appeal to raise £6,000 for a purpose-built onsite aviary.

Sanctuary manager Helen Lecointe said the birds were currently being housed in large indoor pens, with a facility to be let out to fly.

If enough money can be raised, the birds will be moved to a dedicated outdoor aviary, that could be sectioned off for different species of birds.

“We never intended to take birds but there was a need as nobody else was doing it,” Helen explained. “A purpose-built aviary would allow the birds more freedom and would be more flexible for us in terms of housing different species.

“We will have plaques on the aviary displaying the names of sponsors.”

Among the birds taken in by the sanctuary are African parrots, finches, love birds, budgies and cockatiels.

They are cared for alongside hundreds of other rescued animals, including dogs, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, goats, ponies and pigs.

“We want to get the message out there that we do have birds for rehoming,” Helen said.

“People think about us for cats and dogs but not all of the other many animals we have.”

To find out more about Woodside visit www.woodsidesanctuary.org.uk, email generalenquiries@woodsidesanctuary.org.uk or call 01752 347503.