5 items you ddn’t know you could rent

Money might be tight, and you might not have enough in the budget to go out and purchase something brand new, especially if you know you are only going to use it once, twice, or for a short amount of time. Most people are aware of home or offices for let, or vehicles for lease, but there are quite a number of other items (or beings!) available for hire.

1. A dog

The communities that are part of these doggy rental websites are warm, inviting groups, full of those who love dogs but might not have the time or financial stability to commit to being a full-time owner. Connect with dog owners who need a helping hand in walking their pup or keeping them company while they’re at work or out of the city. It’s just one stop short of a dog walker or babysitter because you don’t need to be licensed to rent a pup, and it’s a win-win for you and the dog’s owner.

2. A computer

Purchasing a new computer is a significant expense, doubly so when you were not expecting it. It seems to be the case that whenever you need your computer to function most, it breaks down on you. Instead of panicking about forking over a few hundred quid for a new one, you can rent one to get the job done. Whether you need it for a weekend to complete a task or in the short term, renting from Smart Computers Cheltenham is a brilliant way to solve your computer woes.

3. Camping gear

Camping equipment can get pricey when you’re loading up for a trip longer than a weekend. You need some kind of tent, an air mattress to sleep on, a camping stove, camping cookware and dishes, camping chairs, and maybe even a structure of some kind to shade you from the sun. If you’re not an avid camper and only need this equipment for a single trip, why not rent your gear and save money?

4. Evening gowns

It’s common knowledge men can rent tuxes, but were you aware that women can rent evening gowns as well? Long dresses can be incredibly pricey, particularly when you know you will only get one or two good uses out of it. Sometimes you need a proper gown, maybe for an elegant wedding party you’re part of, or a charity ball, or another extravagant evening event, but can’t justify the hefty price tag for a brand new dress. Good news: boutique shops have started popping up offering glamorous and designer gowns for hire. Browse the dress you want either online or in-store, order it for the dates you want, then return it afterwards – simple as that!

5. A person to stand in a queue for you

Why waste your own precious time in a queue for a restaurant, to buy concert tickets, or for the latest gadgets when you can hire someone to do it for you? Although it might sound a bit absurd at first, when you think about it, it’s kind of brilliant, especially if you truly value your time and could be putting it to much better use than standing around for hours.