Wrestler by night Superhero by Day

On Sunday 20th September Danny Walsh made his first defence of his heavyweight title in front of a packed crowd at Stonehouse Creek Leisure and Social Club as part of Plymouth Wrestling Association’s ‘September Slam’ event. By Monday he was already out making a big difference in the community through an amazing act of kindness.

‘September Slam’ was a very special event, as every single penny that the Plymouth Wrestling Association made from ticket sales for Danny’s first title fight was being donated to Plymouth Foodbank. After successfully beating Josh Knott in the main event to retain his belt, Danny felt so moved by the actions of PWA that he wanted to do more to help those ‘in need’ in the community.

The next day whilst still feeling the effects of the war he had at ‘September Slam’, Danny got a van and with the permission of PWA management went with the proceeds of the show the night before, to the Cash & Carry and filled a van up with some of the items most needed by the Plymouth Foodbank. With the items loaded he then personally delivered them to the hardworking volunteers of the Plymouth Foodbank who weren’t expecting the champion to deliver the goods himself.

Through the hard work of the PWA roster and the generosity of the fans in attendance, many people in the community will be touched for weeks to come by the show, as they receive food and groceries that will help sustain them and help them through some very tough times. As well as providing family friendly entertainment Plymouth Wrestling Association are proud to do what they can to support the local community as the local community has supported them so loyally for many years.

Danny proved this week that not only is he a champion of the squared circle but a champion in the community as well. Local superhero Danny Walsh will be counting on the support of the community for his next title defence on October 18th as the Plymouth Wrestling Association present ‘October Overdrive’ from Stonehouse Creek Leisure and Social Club.  Tickets are on sale now and can be purchased by going to www.plymouthwrestling.co.uk