Things to do once you have decided to sell your property

It takes a while before you decide that it’s finally time to sell your property. You might still be holding on for a while because you love the place and you made lots of memories over the years. However, when you decide to move to a new city for work or any other reason, there’s no point in keeping your house. You can’t maintain two properties since it would be impractical. It’s true especially if you’re still paying the mortgage for the old house.

As soon as you decide that you cannot keep the house anymore, these are the things you need to do.

Talk to a real estate agent

It helps if you discuss things with your agent right away. You need someone who will tell you what your options are and what you need to prepare for a smooth transaction. Your estate agent also knows the area. Therefore, there's a good chance that you will sell your property at a high price, like many houses for sale in Chelmsford. You can find the perfect agent who knows the place well and will facilitate the transaction quickly.

Make your house presentable

When you're going to sell, you want to make the property look as good as new, to make it enticing for potential buyers. Deal with areas that require maintenance and repairs. Clean the house before someone asks to come over to check the property. You can't let it be messy before selling since no one would dare buy it. Sometimes, home buyers get convinced by the first thing they see. They won't even care if the property is within the price range they can afford. If they love what they see, they might think of buying it right away.

Prepare your documents

Potential buyers want to know that they’re dealing with a legitimate transaction. Make sure that you keep all your documents to prove that you own the property and you can facilitate the handover of the house soon. If you can let your real estate agent deal with all these details, it would be better.

Research the cost of properties nearby

Although you have a real estate agent you can trust to do the job for you, it helps if you also research yourself. Find out how much the other properties in the neighbourhood are worth. You can also check if there are properties that were sold recently. You will then know if it's time to sell your house and how much the appropriate price is.

Ask for an assessor to come over

If you want an accurate assessment of your house, and the right price, you can ask a property assessor to come over. You will pay for this service, but it helps. You will also receive suggestions on what you need to do to increase the value of the property.

Once you do all these things, you’ll be ready to sell.