Nine Steps to Making Your New Home Feel Cosy and Welcoming

Moving house is always an exciting time in anyone’s life. Whether you are downsizing or getting something with more space, or it’s your first home, there is plenty to look forward to. Of course, with moving comes settling in and making the place feel like your own. Even if the layout, general look, and feel of the home work for you, that doesn’t mean there aren’t any projects you can undertake that will have it feeling cosier and more welcoming.

Here we’ll take a look at nine steps you can take in your new home in order to bring about that sense of comfort, and make it truly feel like yours. These projects vary in cost and workload so you can really customise what you’re willing to take on. You may even want to prioritise them, tackling each one as the budget and available time allows.

Give the Interior a Fresh Coat of Paint

One thing that may be taking away from the cosy factor is the paint colours in the home. If they just aren't your colours, don't work with your furniture and décor, and don't flow as you had hoped, then it's time for a fresh look. When looking for a colour that will warm up the space, some of the most popular options are various shades of grey, mossy green, creamy white, soft blue, rich deep red, warm mustard yellow, and tangerine.

Ideally, you'll want to pick one colour palette and carry it throughout the entire house in order to keep things feeling connected.

Install a Fireplace

Nothing says homely and cosy quite like a fireplace on a cold damp evening. Fireplaces add elegance, interest, and comfort to any home, regardless of the style or age. The great news is that there are all kinds of different fireplaces, chambers, and stoves that you can choose from, so you're bound to find the right fit.

CALA Heating specialises in fireplace installation, and offers a large inventory to choose from. You can go with a classic wood finish, iron, marble, or stone, whatever fits your personal style. Even if you have an existing fireplace and just want to give it a facelift, you can do so. You can read more here.

Use Area Rugs to Your Advantage

If your house features all wood and tile flooring, then clean up should be a breeze, but it’s not always the cosiest feeling. Tile floors on a cold morning are no treat. A great solution is to use area rugs to your advantage strategically placing them in rooms. This will act as décor, will warm up the space, tie colours together, and it is a whole lot softer and nicer to walk on.

Scatter Scented Candles Through the House

Remember that creating atmosphere in your home requires appealing to a variety of your senses, including your sense of smell. Scattering scented candles throughout the house can make it feel inviting and welcoming, and will ensure that there are never stale odours lingering.
As an added tip, you can look for candle holders that act as décor, as this will just help to create more of a cohesive look in the room instead of a lone candle sitting there.

Use Soft Plush Fabrics

Another tip is to use soft plush fabrics wherever possible. This includes things such as your bedding, your towels in the bathroom, throws and blankets, and decorative pillows. This type of material can’t help but make a person feel warm and cosy, since it’s the type of thing they want to cuddle up next to.

Create a Clean Crisp Look in Your Bedroom

When it comes to your bedroom, one of the best ways to make it feel inviting is to create a clean, crisp look. No one likes a room that feels cluttered and disorganised, and unfortunately bedrooms can often feel that way. What that means is that you want ample storage solutions, bedding that is breathable and light (organic materials such as cotton and bamboo are great options), plenty of throw pillows, and décor that speaks to your personality.

Photos of You and Your Family and Friends

One of the quickest ways to make your home feel cosy and welcoming is by framing your own photographs and turning them into artwork throughout your house. There may be pictures from a special anniversary, party, gathering, a memorable trip with friends or family, or even candid shots of all your loved ones. You can get really creative in what you frame, as this will truly make your home your own space.

Window Coverings Provide Privacy and Style to a Room

Window coverings are something that not everyone invests in, as they may say they want the light to shine through as much as possible. There is no reason that window coverings have to prevent that from happening, it’s about choosing the right option for your needs and wants. You can find mini blinds, vertical blinds, blackout curtains, sheers, and so many other varieties.

The fact is that window coverings can help with privacy, but they also add a sense of style to the room. They help to finish the look off and make it complete.

Lighting Plays a Huge Role

Finally, there is lighting, which plays a huge role in how a room looks and feels. While there is nothing wrong with the standard overhead lighting, it shouldn’t be your only option. Things such as table lamps, floor lamps, wall sconces, pendant lighting, and even recessed lighting allows you to really set the tone in the room and adjust it to your needs. And as for those traditional overhead lights, be sure to install ones that work with your style and colour palette.

Feel Like You’ve Been in Your Home for Years

By using these tips and tricks, you’ll find that your home feels much more welcoming and cosier, and it will feel as though you’ve been there for years.