How to give your bedroom a new lease of life

When carrying out home improvements, the bedroom often gets a little bit overlooked. Given that it’s one of the most private rooms of the home, some people prefer to give it a bit less focus and decorate the more visible rooms instead, such as living rooms and kitchens. However, there’s plenty of potential when it comes to decorating the bedroom, and it shouldn’t be overlooked: from new and modern window coverings to amazing fabrics and soft furnishings, there are plenty of bedroom design opportunities on offer.

Colour schemes

Given that the main function of a bedroom is sleeping, it’s wise to opt for a colour scheme that promotes a feeling of relaxation. Ideal paint and wallpaper colours that achieve this goal include soothing light blues, as well as some greys. Remember not to go too dark, however: that can make your bedroom feel heavy, which isn’t conducive to good sleeping patterns. If you opt for a colour such as green, meanwhile, it’s best to stick to one that isn’t too flashy: bright lime, for example, may be better suited to a different room of the home as it doesn’t tend to create a relaxing atmosphere.


Windows may seem like the least exciting part of the room, but they’re actually quite important. Window shutters are a great way to give your bedroom an unusual twist. By ditching the curtains in favour of these wooden coverings, your bedroom will have a much more cosmopolitan and chic feel. Also, the light flow that they let in is fully customisable, so you won’t have to worry about being kept awake at night.


If you’re someone who loves to feel comfortable, then you should also be someone who takes a keen interest in their bedroom’s appearance. That’s because there are so many opportunities to introduce matching yet very comfortable fabrics into a bedroom’s design, including throws, blankets, cushions and rugs.

If you like comfort and ease, then the best material for a bed throw is microfibre as it’s both widely available and gentle to the touch. However, if flexibility in hot weather is important, then a cotton throw may be a better choice as it’s much more breathable. Cushions, meanwhile, give you the chance to mould the overall vibe of the room. Long, golden cushions for the bed, for example, are ideal for those who want to create a regal, master bedroom effect, while if you’re aiming for an ultra-comfort look, then it’s wise to focus on fluffy and plump white cushions instead.

While it’s understandable that the main décor focus of a home is usually placed on the more public-facing rooms, the humble bedroom also needs to get some consideration. As a place for relaxing at night, it should always be crafted with the needs of sleepers in mind – and from comfortable furnishings to window coverings that can be controlled for light, there are lots of ways that a bedroom’s décor can be customised with relaxation in mind.