Household hacks everyone should know

Millennials are often criticised for not possessing the sets of skills and expertise of their parents – with many allegedly not knowing how to undertake basic household tasks. However, some household repairs and hacks can seem a little intimidating at first, and it’s just a matter of mind over matter. Knowing how to achieve the basic tasks will enable you to know when to fix it yourself and when to leave it to a professional.

How to unblock a toilet

Many people still call out an emergency plumber to achieve this, however it can simply be done with a plunger. Hold the plunger above the U-bend and pull up and down to get some suction. If the blockage is bad, allow the water level to go back down and tip in a bowl full of hot water with washing up liquid to provide some lubrication. However, if the cause is a bigger issue surrounding your drainage system, then you may need to hire a professional’s help. For example, if you’re based in the South East, then finding a Brighton drainage company would help you to expose that larger problem at hand.

Patching small plaster holes

If you have a large tear out of your wall, then it might be best to hire a professional. However, fixing small chips, holes from hangings and tears can simply be fixed by filling it with putty using a spatula to smooth it down and wipe away any extra. Once it’s dried, simply sand it down to a smooth level and paint the wall back to its original shade. If the paint behind it has been there for a long time, you may need to re-do the wall or even the room to ensure even coverage.

Changing your shower head

Everyone has felt the thin needles of water that can often spray out of cheap electric showers: knowing that you can put a stop to this is an incredibly valuable skill. It really is just a matter of buying a new showerhead, and ensuring to put in a new thread seal tape at the base before you screw it back on.

Cleaning grout

This can be an arduous one, but having discoloured or mouldy grout doesn’t mean you completely have to re-do the entire bathroom. Simply try using a scourer (and protective gloves) to go over it with some spray on bleach (or mildew remover if it’s bad). You may need to go over it a few times or add some bicarb to make your mixture more abrasive.

Squeaky or resistant joints

Over time, tracks and joints can become squeaky and resistant with age. However, this is really simple and easy to repair. Simply use a wood-friendly wax on drawers and tracks on wooden furniture and WD-40 on any squeaky joints – problem solved.

Whether you’re a millennial or a bit older, not everyone can safely say they’ve mastered all the most useful household hacks. Taking care of our homes can be a time-costly job, and sometimes it’s easier to get a professional in. However, learning how to do them yourself can save you a bit of money on the odd occasion.