Follow these tips to help organise your home

Your home is your place of comfort and relaxation. After work, you will want to curl up on your couch or in bed, watching your favourite show or movie, even reading a good book. However, having a large mess surround you will ruin this moment. The accumulation of dust can make you sick much more easily, and you won’t be able to focus or feel at peace, especially when you can’t even find the remote or your book under the pile of other items. Whether your room is in a constant state of chaos or not, you need to learn how to organise your home properly to create the perfect environment.

Making a list of everything that needs to be done can be one of the first steps you can take, followed by investing in storage spaces, doing daily cleaning and taking turns with family members to do this, among various other tips and tricks. Once you have organised your home, though, it is much easier to keep on top of the chaos.

1. Make a list

Determining where to start or how can be the hardest part of organising your home. Thus, you should consider making a list of everything that needs to be done and what needs to be purchased for this purpose. Consider putting it somewhere where it is clearly visible each day, such as on the fridge, and add to it each time that you can think of something new that needs to be done around the house. Moreover, you will get a lot of satisfaction each time that you are able to cross something off the list. It will feel like a small accomplishment of sorts.

2. Storage

If you haven’t already, you must invest in various storage containers and cabinets for the entire room to look spotless. This website offers various options for display cabinets and counters that you can purchase, and you can install them in any room that you see fit. Instead of having items lying out on the table, taking up unnecessary space, you can neatly place them behind the cabinet. Consider investing in a few storage baskets as well, to place underneath the tables and in various other corners of your room. 

3. Daily cleaning

Setting yourself up for a routine of daily cleaning will benefit you in the long-run. Invest in all of the necessary cleaning supplies, from vacuums, dusters, solutions and more, and keep them all neatly stocked in one of the aforementioned cabinets that you purchased. When a kitchen spill happens, clean it up right away instead of waiting for a few hours, as you will only be less inclined to do it yourself the longer your wait. Do the same for each and every single room in the house, and your end of week or month cleaning will no longer be such an arduous task, as you have been cleaning along the way.

4. Take turns

If you do not live alone, you can take turns doing the necessary cleaning throughout the home. You could make it a daily or weekly shift, as to who is in charge of vacuuming and dusting. This will ensure that it doesn’t all lie on your shoulders, and it will make it easier for everyone. When you do need to clean for several hours at a home, consider putting on some music to make the time go by much faster. Who said that making your home look neat and tidy needs to be boring?

5. Avoid clutter

No matter what, you should avoid clutter. Every single time that you take something out, whether it’s in the kitchen, living room, basement, bathroom and so on, you should put it back in its rightful spot as soon as you are done using it. There is no reason to wait a few hours into the day to do it, as this is exactly what will cause a build-up of items throughout the house, making it harder to find things when you need them.

6. Multi-purpose furniture

The furniture you purchase adds a lot of character to the look and feel of the home. Thus, in order to take up less space and be incredibly efficient about what you are able to work with, consider multi-purpose furniture. This will make your place look more unique, and also appear as if you have more room. Examples can include storage spaces underneath stairs, couches that extend into beds, coffee tables that turn into long dinner tables and so on.

7. Label everything

Labeling your boxes that you keep in storage will make your life much easier when you are looking for things. You will not be able to have everything you need in your rooms, and those boxes that are left in the basement or attic often hold various other important items that you can never find when the time comes. For instance, one of them is the box that contains your various decorations for the Holiday season, or even your Halloween box for that matter. This can be easily solved by labeling everything.

8. Donate and re-use

Instead of throwing out your older items while you are cleaning the home, you should consider donating them. You never know who may wind up getting use out of it, as you, yourself, found interesting items while you were thrifting or vintage shopping. Moreover, consider re-using what you can around your home to avoid extra purchases. For instance, every single time you go grocery shopping, have a bag that you can take with you, as opposed to using the various plastic bags that end up taking space in the garbage bins and add to the waste.

You will immediately notice and feel the difference between a room that is spotless, and one that desperately needs to be cleaned and de-cluttered. Setting up a daily cleaning routine isn’t hard either, and the fact that you can take turns with your family members makes the job that much easier. Don’t think of it as a chore, but as a necessary activity so you can get achieve optimal comfort within your home. You will be much happier once you make the change.