Classy Home Additions to Spruce up Your Home This Spring

While spring is famous for the great ‘Spring Clean,’ it is also an opportunity for you to change the interior design of your home, giving it a well-needed spruce after a long winter. Whether you’re able to dedicate a large budget to this renovation, or you’re considering some small touches to make your home feel a little classier, this article examines some of the hot interior design trends of 2019 for application in your home. From furniture to wholesale remodelling, you’ll be provided with adequate inspiration to explore potential home improvement ideas this spring.

Update Windows

The windows to your home are incredibly important. They let in much-needed natural light at the very same time as keeping out the elements. If your windows are a little old, they’ll likely be letting in cold drafts that dramatically decreases the insulation that your home enjoys.
As such, new windows should top your shopping list. Modern, quality window sittings increase your home’s energy efficiency while sprucing up the brightest and most prominent features of your home in classy new decorative finishes.

Antique Fixtures

As the world of fashion and art looks back at vintage and antique styles, so too does the world of interior design. This spring, it might be time for you to consider giving your home a much-needed touch of class through old-style features. Install antique mirror glass in your living room or bedroom to achieve a brushed, sophisticated look, or replace old and worn lampshades and light fittings with ornate brass and glass fixings that display a certain old-world opulence.
If your home can ascribe to the antique style, it’s well worth checking the furniture market for additions to build an atmosphere of classy sophistication in your home.

Carpets and Floors

Another huge change you can make to your home’s interior is to the floor – whether that’s a hard floor or a carpeted one. With more and more different materials being used in the world of hard flooring, it’s something to consider for your hallways, bathrooms and kitchen so that you avoid the weekly efforts of hoovering the carpet, and avoid long-lasting carpet stains that can be difficult to fully erase.
With brushed concrete playing to minimalist styles, and hardwood flooring in dark or light shades adding a more rustic and homely feel, there’s plenty to experiment within the world of flooring to improve your home this spring.

Open-Plan Initiatives

This is more of a disruptive option – entailing the wholesale redesign of your lower floors. To enact this modern change to your home, linking up your kitchen with your living room, for instance, you’re going to need a builder who’s familiar with the structural integrity of homes. If you get the go-ahead, you’ll issue in sweeping changes to your home, opening up your space in order to host larger gatherings, linking up your place of relaxation with the place in which you prepare food and drinks.

If you’re in the mood to change your home environment this spring, check out the tips provided above to give your home interior a new level of sophistication and comfort.