5 Ways to Prevent Risks in the Home

Nothing will be more important to you than the safety and protection of both your family and property. Therefore, it makes perfect sense if you want to discover the best ways to protect your home and loved ones. To find out more, read the following five ways to prevent risks in the home.

1. Install a Burglar Alarm

A burglar alarm will allow you to sleep peacefully at night knowing your partner, children and property is protected. Installing a burglar alarm will also help to secure your property when you’re at work, shopping or on vacation. Of course, every homeowner’s needs will be different, which is why you should contact Eurolink Security to find and install the best burglar and security systems to complement your needs and budget.

2. Monitor Your Home with CCTV

Do you want to know who is coming and going from your home whilst you’re at work or sleeping in your bed? Install CCTV to actively monitor your home, so you can spot anyone acting suspiciously, or identify a trespasser who is attempting to vandalise or burgle your home, which you can then present to the police.

3. Test Your Smoke Alarm

Sadly, fires occur in homes up and down the UK every day, which could be caused by an unattended candle or iron, electrical fault or an open fire. The thought of a fire occurring in your property is more than likely your worst nightmare, which is why you must routinely test your smoke alarm to ensure it is in working order. The alarm can then be triggered in the event of a fire within the home. As a result, it will provide you, your partner and children with time to quickly exit the property before calling the emergency services for assistance. You can also eliminate fire risks within the home by monitoring candles, unplugging electronics and purchasing a fire extinguisher.

4. A Carbon Monoxide Detector

A carbon monoxide (CO) detector can be a lifesaver. Low exposure to CO can result in dizziness and headaches, while high exposure could result in impaired vision, vomiting and fatalities. Every home must have a carbon monoxide detector, as CO is impossible to detect, as you will not smell, see or hear any signs. In addition to installing a CO detector, you should arrange for your boiler and HVAC system to be serviced by a professional once per year.

5. Safety Store Potentially Poisonous Items

Are you aware that suspected poisoning is the most common reason young children are taken to A&E in the UK? If you have a young family, or regularly welcome young children into your home, you must have due diligence when storing medications or household products. For example, both prescription and over-the-counter medications must be stored away in a safe location away from children. Household cleaning products, paint and personal products should also be locked away in a high cupboard, so it is out of a child’s reach at all times.