The Ultimate Holiday Planning Guide: 6 Tips for a Stress-Free Trip

While it probably won’t be difficult to have a brilliant time abroad, getting to and from your destination can be more than a little bit stressful. As a result, it could blight the whole experience.

If you are planning a break abroad soon, you will want to ensure you have an enjoyable holiday from start to finish. Check out the following six tips for a stress-free trip.

1. Organise Airport Car Parking

Once you’ve officially booked your flight and accommodation, your next step should be to organise airport car parking. Never settle for the first price you see and do your homework to secure the best deal for your chosen airport. For instance, if you’re grabbing a flight from London, compare the best Gatwick parking deals. The money saved on Gatwick Airport parking could help you to enjoy a more comfortable break.

2. Arrange Arrival Transfer

As soon as you have secured the best deal for a car park, you should move your attention to arranging an arrival transfer. There are multiple options to consider, such as a car hire service, bus transfer, or a taxi. The option you choose will most likely be determined by your destination and budget.

3. Buy Foreign Currency

It’s important to compare pound sterling against the currency at your chosen destination, as well as the average prices for food, drink and attractions, so you will know exactly how much money you’ll need for an enjoyable holiday.

One of the most affordable and flexible ways to change to a foreign currency is commonly via a credit card. Pay as you go on your card or withdraw cash from a local ATM to secure the best exchange rate.

4. Check-In Online

Take the stress out of travelling by checking in online. If you time it early enough, you will not need to worry about slim pickings when it comes to picking the seats you want, so you’ll have one less thing to worry about before you even reach an airport. If you don’t time it well, you will not be forced to choose from poor seats that could result in you and your loved ones being split up on a plane.

5. Check Your Luggage Requirements

There is no one-size-fits-all requirement for cabin bags. Check both the size and weight of your cabin bag, as well as other hand luggage restrictions, with an airline. For example, some airlines will allow you to carry a second bag along with your cabin luggage, but other airlines do not.

In some cases, an airline might only accept the first 90 items of hand baggage to be allowed into a cabin, and the rest might be placed in the hold, which you will need to claim upon arrival. So, ensure you leave enough time to be one of the 90 bags allowed in a cabin.

6. Charge All Electronic Devices

There is a new requirement that every electronic device in your hand luggage must be sufficiently charged. The gadget might be turned on at security and it could be confiscated if it fails to power up. So, don’t use your phone, tablet, or laptop computer too much prior to travel unless you want to lose it.