Take care on the roads this winter

With the cold weather predicted to last for the rest of this week South Western Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust is urging motorists to slow down and ensure their vehicle is ready for winter.

A spokesman for the Trust said: "We have already received numerous call outs this week to motorists who have been involved in a collision due, in part, to the road conditions caused by the freezing weather.

"If you are travelling by road it is essential you take in to account the conditions of the road. During the cold snap please slow down, ensure your vehicle is properly de-iced before you set off and, if possible, set off a few minutes earlier to ensure you are not in a rush to arrive at your destination."

The helpful hints below could help you arrive at your destination safely. Please remember to Drive to Arrive:

  • Get up a few minutes earlier to give you time to prepare your vehicle;
  • Ensure all windows are clear using de-icer and an ice scraper;
  • Make sure all bulbs are working and lenses are clean. If you have to clear snow from the car it's important to clear it from the lights as well as windows and the roof;
  • Check the condition of your tyres, the tread depth and tyre pressure;
  • Ensure your brakes are working well;
  • Make sure all the fluids in your vehicle are topped up (windscreen wash, oil, anti-freeze, power steering fluid and brake fluid).