Police operation to stop-check commercial goods vehicles

Officers from Devon and Cornwall Police are involved in a three week operation aimed at reducing road casualties and collisions in the force area.
Operation Fatigue will run over a period of three weeks during the months of November and December and will involve the stopping and checking of  goods vehicles as they travel through both counties. This will include both national and foreign based vehicles.
The operation is being carried out in partnership with VOSA.

Coordinator of the operation, Sergeant Richard Gordon from Camborne said: “There are many operators who obey the laws and maintain their vehicles to a good standard.
“However, there are those who will flout the law and put other road users in danger.
“Operations such as these send a clear message to rogue operators that we are out there, checking on the condition and use of goods vehicles and will prosecute and prohibit wherever appropriate.
“A tired lorry driver could cause untold damage and also present a very real danger to the lives of members of the public.

“This operation is designed to ensure the strict rules and regulations within the goods vehicle community are followed by the drivers and companies .This will be by the use of education and if deemed necessary enforcement.”
Drivers can now be issued with substantial roadside fines which in the case of foreign based drivers will need to be paid at the time before they are allowed to continue. Some offences also can also lead to the immediate prohibition of that driver from driving any further, which in some more serious circumstances can be up to forty five hours.