Plymouth puts away the pounds

Holidaymakers from Plymouth are amongst the most likely of all British tourists to make sacrifices before they go on holiday for an extra special break.

According to research from travel price comparison website, TravelSupermarket, into Brits’ holiday habits, over half (54 per cent) say they make small changes to their spending habits so they have extra money to treat themselves when overseas.

They are also more likely than any other British holidaymaker to religiously save money in the lead up to their break (39 per cent compared to 28 per cent nationally). This thrifty approach could explain why they are amongst the biggest spenders when it comes to their main annual holiday. Almost one in 10 (nine per cent) reveal they spend over £4,000 per person on their holiday compared to just three per cent of all Brits.

This religious saving also means they can treat themselves to a new holiday wardrobe. The average Plymouth resident spends £94 on new clothes and reveals that these items take up almost a fifth (19 per cent) of their suitcase.

When they reach their destination, half of those from Plymouth say they spend most of their holiday budget on food and eating out. In addition, 46 per cent admit to shunning standard restaurants and actively go out of their way to sample the local cuisine.

Eating out at a local restaurant is just one way in which Plymouth residents try to ingratiate themselves with the locals (38 per cent agree). Thirty six per cent also make an effort to learn key phrases.

When they’re not eating, they won’t be found drinking. Plymouth travellers are amongst the least likely of all Brits to spend time with a glass in hand, devoting just 99 minutes per day to enjoying an alcoholic beverage

TravelSupermarket conducted research into Brits’ holiday habits to reveal how different holidaymakers enjoy their breaks. It looked at a range of factors from the time of their first drink to the hours spent sunbathing and sightseeing. To see how Plymouth compares to the rest of Great Britain, visit TravelSupermarket’s interactive infographic here:

Bob Atkinson, travel expert at TravelSupermarket comments: “These findings shed a light on how Britain travels and for holidaymakers from Plymouth it’s clear that their annual holiday is important to them as they make sacrifices to save up for it. Almost two fifths (39 per cent) confess to bringing British tea bags on holiday – no doubt another money saving tactic. My advice would be to spend some time researching what deals are available and comparing your holiday options to make their hard-earned pound stretch as far as possible.”

Research was conducted by Opinium Research to a sample of 4,049 UK adults who have been on holiday within the last 3 years between 31st March to 12th April 2016.