Parents spend £1,150 to take their over 18s on holiday

Many families fork out for an annual summer holiday with their kids, however it seems parents are finding it hard to let go and are still funding trips abroad for their ‘adult children’. A study by, released today, reveals that six out of 10 parents in the South West are spending an average of £1,150 when paying for their children, aged 18 or over, to go on a family break.

40 per cent stated this was because they didn’t believe they could afford it otherwise, whilst more than half (52 per cent) said they cover their children’s costs as a treat.

Parents in the South West who do pay for their over-18s are giving them the ‘all-inclusive’ package, spending £1,150 on flights, accommodation, meals and pre-holiday prep including new clothes, travel insurance, vaccinations and spending money. However, more than three-quarters (76 per cent) do put their foot down on giving their over-18s spending money whilst on holiday, and around two-thirds (64 per cent) ask their children to cover the cost of their holiday clothes and travel insurance.

Parents who no longer pay for their over-18s to go on holiday say it is because they no longer want to go on family breaks (41 per cent). The same amount (41 per cent) believes their children should be paying for themselves.

Other key findings reveal:

  • More than a quarter (28 per cent) of those parents still paying for their over-18s to go on  holiday say they will stop paying for them once they reach the age of 24
  • 20 per cent of parents in the South West do not expect to stop paying for their children’s holidays until they are over the age of 30

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The key statistics are displayed in the infographic attached.