London! Top 5 places to visit during your stay

London is one of the world’s premium tourist attractions, and for good reason. The city boasts some of Europe’s finest architecture, and its diverse population gives it an international atmosphere which is present in very few of the world’s cities. Whether your stay in London is a short leisure trip, or an extended stay with the family, the city’s countless attractions are unlikely to disappoint. Below are five of the top places to visit whilst in this wondrous city:

1) Westminster Abbey: This marvel of gothic architecture is one site in London which cannot afford a miss. Its historical relevance emboldens its claim to fame, having more than 1000 years of history. In more recent times, this place is where William and Kate exchanged vows. Its superb location is in the centre of the city, allowing for ease of access and also making it convenient to visit in combination with other sites.

2) The Shard: Despite only opening in 2013, this building’s viewing platform has become one of London’s most popular tourist attractions. The Shard is the European Union’s tallest building, and it dominates the skyline of London’s financial district. The view from the top is truly spectacular. The viewing platform is also home to several events, such as art exhibitions and yoga classes, so you might even find yourself with an additional attraction!

3) Big Ben: Contrary to popular knowledge, the official name of the Parliament’s famous clock tower is “The Elizabeth Tower”, with “Big Ben” being a nickname for the bell housed inside the tower, which is officially known as the “Great Bell”. This picture-perfect place is another must-see sight in London. #bigben is roughly 2.8 million posts on Instagram, and for good reason.

4) Explore London’s Neighbourhoods: While this is not a site in itself, London’s vibrant streets and cultural diversity mean that simply walking through some of London’s neighbourhoods can be considered an attraction in itself. Walk “The Jubilee Greenway” from Little Venice to Camden for some urban greenery, or stroll along South Bank from Jubilee Gardens to Tate Modern for architectural wonders.

5) Tate Modern: This modern art gallery is one of the world’s finest, and is Britain’s national gallery of international modern art. Although you’ll have to pay in order to access special exhibitions at the museum, admission to the museum’s core is free.The museum is also home to a fantastic chocolate shop.

While the above list includes some of London’s top attractions, it is by no means exhaustive. The city is filled with events, museums, nightlife, people, and a wide range of cultural experiences. No matter what country you are from, London is likely to have a community belonging to your cultural group, helping you feel at home. If you wish to feel more at home, or wish to have cooking facilities, there are a diverse range of serviced London apartments available, no matter the length of your stay.