Dorset tops the travel Wish-list for Plymouth TV watchers

Dorset is the top UK travel destination for British TV viewers in Plymouth according to a leading train company - with one third (33%) interested in visiting the region after being inspired by popular ITV series Broadchurch.

The survey, conducted by CrossCountry, found that nearly half (48%) have visited a particular destination after being influenced by a film or TV programme and 49% have done so within the last year.

Other top picks include the Yorkshire Dales - the set of soap Emmerdale - as one quarter list it as the place they’d most like to visit. The Dales are closely followed by South Oxfordshire (the home of Midsomer Murders) for 17 per cent.

But it’s not just primetime dramas that are inspiring travel. Classic films are also making waves with one fifth having travelled to Oxford after watching the BBC Harry Potter.

Anecdotally, TV favourites Doc Martin set in Cornwall, Last of the Summer Wine set in Holmfirth in West Yorkshire and Heartbeat set in Gothland, North Yorkshire are some of the other places people have been compelled to visit.*

Commenting on the findings Dave Eaton, Senior Customer Service Manager for CrossCountry said: “It’s great that people are taking inspiration from popular culture to explore more of Great Britain. Reading about a place in a book or seeing it on TV can open our eyes to new destinations and recent programmes such as Poldark and Broadchurch have really showcased how much the beautiful British countryside has to offer.  

“Travelling by train is the perfect way to see some of the spectacular landscapes across Great Britain. You can take in the views whilst en route to your destination and maybe even see locations from the TV programme or read the novel you have been influenced by at the same time!”

Dave Eaton added: “Interestingly and contrary to popular opinion some of the places that scored lowly were Essex and Newcastle which have been made famous thanks to reality TV programmes The Only Way is Essex and Geordie Shore, but it seems people are opting for idyllic scenery over celebrity hot spots.”

With CrossCountry serving more than 100 stations across Great Britain each day, hopping on board a train could be the perfect opportunity to explore some great places.