The cheapest ways to get to Hampshire for a wedding

A wedding in Hampshire is always beautiful. Whether you’re planning one for yourself or you will be attending a friend’s wedding in the area, travelling to Hampshire will be a treat on its own. Hampshire is particularly easy to access too, especially from Plymouth. Here are some of the cheapest ways to get to Hampshire for a wedding.

A Lovely Drive

Hampshire is only 3 hours away from Plymouth and driving to the wedding is a great option to consider. You can even get together with several other friends and drive to the wedding together. You can easily take the A303 all the way to the wedding venue.

Hampshire is home to numerous wedding venues. Websites such as offer information on the various wedding venues available, including how you can get to the venue from different areas.

There is another benefit you will be able to enjoy when you choose to drive to the wedding. Some wedding venues in Hampshire have a long driveway or a big garden you will have to pass in order to get to the chapel or the actual venue. By driving, you won’t have to wait for shuttles or walk across the garden.

Take the Train

Another great alternative to attending a Hampshire wedding is the train. The train route from Plymouth to Hampshire is particularly scenic and the trip itself is very relaxing. You’ll be amazed by the gorgeous landscape you can see out the train window. The train is quicker than travelling by car as well.

You can either take one of the South West Trains or opt for the GWR from Plymouth to Alton. There is no direct train so you need to be prepared to make a couple of changes along the way. It is also worth noting that all trains head to (and from) Alton, which means you may have to take a taxi or arrange a pick-up.

How to Save on the Trip

Aside from driving to Hampshire or taking the train, you can also choose to take the bus. That said, the previous two alternatives are among the most economical ways to get to the venue. Driving in particular is very affordable, especially if you have a couple of friends sharing the costs. You can also invite other guests departing from Plymouth to join the trip.

A train ride from Plymouth to Hampshire usually costs around £100. Of course, there are ways to save on the train journey too. For starters, you can use coupons or book early for the trip in order to get additional discounts. You can also take advantage of loyalty programs and rebates that are usually available.

Regardless of which way you choose to travel, a Hampshire wedding is sure to be very enjoyable. You can turn the trip into a short holiday and spend some time exploring other attractions in the area too. The drive – or train ride – home will be just as enjoyable.