Catch The Bus Week

This is Catch The Bus Week, a national effort to encourage bus usage in place of the car.

"Catch the Bus Week 2013 is a national campaign that will run from the 29th of April to the 5th of May. The campaign aims to increase awareness of the benefits of bus travel across the UK, and to encourage first time or infrequent users to give the bus a try. Catch the Bus week is a key part of Greener Journey’s drive to persuade people to take a billion fewer car journeys."

So what's happening locally?

Plymouth Citybus will be offering cut price Dayrider tickets during the event through its recently launched mobile ticketing app (£2 for Child / Student and £3 for Adults). The app is available on both Android and iPhone platforms and has already had a staggering 5,000 downloads in its first 6 months. The app allows passengers to buy tickets on their smart phone, making it a quick and effective way to travel, whilst having added environmental benefits by cutting down on the issuing of paper tickets.

Richard Stevens, Managing Director at Plymouth Citybus said: ”Being part of the greener journeys campaign is a must for Plymouth Citybus. It is a great campaign and really promotes the benefits of bus travel. Giving a discount on day tickets via our mobile app will hopefully work in two ways. Show non bus users that we are innovative and a lot has changed for the better in the past couple of years, whilst also showing our current passengers just how quick and easy mobile ticketing is to use, reducing the amount of paper tickets we issue”.

Meanwhile First are making donations to Macmillan:

"We will donate £1 to Macmillan Cancer Support for every extra registered bus journey taken on our buses during 'Catch the Bus Week' from Monday 29 April to Sunday 5 May. All of our bus companies in the UK are supporting the campaign so no matter where you are you can support us to raise up to £20,000 for Macmillan, FirstGroup's national charity partner. You just need to tell us about your extra First bus journey online and £1 will be donated to Macmillan."

Simply register your extra journey on the link below to help Macmillans get the money

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