Three Methods to Help Alleviate Your Stress and Anxiety

Stress and anxiety aren’t modern phenomena, but they do appear to be rising within the UK population - and especially within younger age bands. Whether it’s relationships, work, day-to-day stresses or an underlying psychological problem, most of us are familiar with the thoroughly unhelpful sensation of being anxious and stressed. Happily, though these feelings can produce a temperament of helplessness, there are plenty of ways in which you can gently but firmly squash your anxieties. This article outlines three of the most reliable methods, and how you can introduce them into your life.


For some, meditation is synonymous with the ‘hippy generation’ that borrowed other practices, such as yoga, from the Eastern tradition. While this might be in part the case, the universality of quiet reflection and steady breathing has been proven time and again to generate serious bene-fits for your wellbeing that are simply too useful to ignore or dismiss.

There are many forms of meditation - some of which you’ll be able to look up online - but the general requirement is that you find somewhere you can be comfortable, undisturbed, for at least eight minutes each day. That shouldn’t be too difficult. The real key is to relax your muscles, breath slowly and deeply, and take your mind into a more relaxed and less fast-paced place.

Medicinal Cannabis

Naturally, where cannabis is mentioned there will be a certain number of raised eyebrows. After all, to possess or take the drug in its natural herbal form is a crime in the UK. Medicinal cannabis can reduce pain and alleviate issues for users when used correctly. There are now plenty of pro-viders of CBD oil such as Synergy Extracts that do just that - preserving the stress-alleviating benefits of the plant while removing the high.

You’ll only need to conduct a brief inquiry on Google to find some frankly stunning revelations about the medical applications of this plant for patients with a wide range of maladies. But in the context of this article, CBD oil used medicinally is reported to significantly reduce levels of anxiety and stress.

Diet and Exercise

There can be no list concerning your levels of stress and anxiety that neglects to mention the double-edged sword that is your diet and the amount of exercise that you conduct. Both what you eat and how you use that energy that your food provides has direct impacts on your stress levels - some of which can be profound.

Exercise is particularly recommended for those suffering from anxiety. It’s a wonderful way to tire oneself out, to put one’s brain in a paused state, and to build all-important self-esteem. At the end of every session of exercise, your brain gratefully releases endorphins - a happiness-inducing chemical that also helps to alleviate stress.

There you have it - three ways in which you can tackle your stress and anxiety in a calm, gentle and responsible manner. No matter how bad it gets, you can find ways to combat how you are feeling.