Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT) and its Benefits

Lack of testosterone can cause many negative symptoms for both men and women, ranging from low energy levels, foul moods, increased body fat, and, of course, lacking sex drive. Maintaining adequate testosterone levels is an extremely important factor in ensuring good health, for both sexes. While testosterone is known as the “male hormone”, it is also an important hormone for females. However, at much lower levels of production than males.

In order to overcome the negative side effects of low testosterone production levels, many people (both men and women) undergo testosterone replacement therapy, or TRT. Testosterone replacement therapy is the name given to the medical treatment which ensures that testosterone levels are optimum, as well as ensuring that hormones associated with testosterone (eg. Oestrogen) are in good balance. There can sometimes be side effects when undergoing TRT (such as breast enlargement, acne, among others), so it’s important to do your research beforehand. However, here are some of the benefits of undergoing TRT:

1) It improves your sexual performance: One of the main symptoms of low levels of testosterone production is that sex drive is minimal - this can affect both sexes. As a result, performance suffers. This can be detrimental to a relationship, and it is the main reason why many people undergo TRT. Such medical therapy is extremely helpful in increasing testosterone production levels, which, in turn, helps sexual performance. Many men also suffer from erectile dysfunction - TRT can often resolve this.

2) Increasing one’s sperm count: Obviously, as a reason for undergoing TRT, this is only valid for males. Men lacking testosterone often have a low sperm count. As a result, they tend to be fairly infertile, which can be very emotionally challenging if you’re in a relationship, and wanting a baby. However, there are some reports (though not confirmed) that TRT does not help in this regard.

3) Getting rid of hot flashes: This benefit of TRT is perhaps surprisingly limited to males. While many women experience hot flashes prior or during their menopause (due to falling oestrogen levels), men can suffer from hot flashes if they’re testosterone production levels are too low. Even though the vast majority of men do not experience testosterone levels low enough for this to occur, it can still happen. If it does occur, then TRT is likely to be a good solution.

4) To improve energy levels: Low testosterone production levels can be detrimental to the energy levels of both men and women. However, TRT tends to help improve men’s energy levels more than those of women, simply because testosterone is of greater importance in their hormonal balance. There are multiple other possible reasons for low energy levels, however, so it is important to check testosterone levels before undergoing TRT, to ensure that testosterone is the issue at hand.

5) Getting over sadness or depression:  Low levels of testosterone production can often lead to putting you in a foul mood, and hence degrading your sense of well-being. A lack of testosterone is also said to potentially lead to social anxiety. This can affect both men and women. If you’re suffering from regularly being in foul moods, there’s a good chance that a lack of testosterone may be the reason, especially if you suffer from other symptoms. TRT can often help with this.

6) Decreasing body fat and improving body shape: People who lack optimum testosterone production levels often gain fat more easily, as testosterone tends to suppress fat gain. If you undergo TRT to lose fat, don’t expect it to simply disappear overnight. However, you’re likely to get more from your workouts, as additional calorie input isn’t going to have as much of an effect. Testosterone also helps immensely with muscle growth. As a result, undergoing TRT may be a great supplement to a fitness/body shape program. Optimum testosterone production levels are more likely to bring out the masculine body shape in you.

While the above factors include some of the major reasons for testosterone replacement therapy, the list is by no means exhaustive. There are numerous other benefits of undergoing such therapy, such as reducing the risk of Alzheimer’s disease, ensuring you have a healthy heart, reducing sleep disturbances and reducing hair loss. Undergoing testosterone replacement therapy is possible in the UK, and you may even be able to do it on the NHS (although bureaucratically, it is said to be difficult). To find out more information about testosterone replacement therapy, as well as the causes and effects of low testosterone production levels, be sure to read about testosterone replacement therapy in the UK, a comprehensive article regarding the matter. However, despite its benefits, not everyone needs TRT, and there are ways to increase your testosterone production levels without it, such as by eating certain fruits.