Portafina raises awareness and funds for diabetes research

Portafina is a pensions company based in Kent, and its staff are raising awareness and funds to support research into treatment for diabetes.

Managing director, Jamie Smith Thompson, is a passionate supporter of the cause, as his daughter has type one diabetes. Mr. Smith Thompson knows only too well the struggles that people with this condition face on a daily basis, and as head of a growing finance company, he is using his platform to help raise more awareness of diabetes, as well as the much-needed money to support research.

Portafina are working alongside JDRF, a world leading diabetes charity and funder or research. JDRF are positive that better treatments can be developed and that one day there will be a cure. However, to reach that goal, more public support is needed.

Diabetes is a chronic condition that affects over four million people in the UK, and there are two main types. Both types relate to how the body uses insulin, a key hormone that allows cells to use glucose for energy.

Type one diabetes is where the body does not produce any insulin, or only small amounts, meaning that not enough glucose can enter the cells. Type two diabetes is where the body does produce insulin, but it is not used effectively. Both types can lead to a high level of glucose in the blood, which can cause a host of other health problems.

The rarer type one diabetes usually presents during childhood, and it is estimated that over 20,000 children under fifteen have the condition in the UK. Treatments include daily injections of insulin. Type two diabetes usually affects adults, and can often be managed through healthy lifestyle choices, such as eating the right foods and getting enough exercise.

Portafina are a growing business that is using its position to bring more awareness to the cause by holding a series of fundraising events, one of which being the Ride to Cure Diabetes 2018 cycle ride. So far, staff have raised over £1000, and donations can still be made through their Just Giving page.

But more needs to be done, and Portafina are reaching out to the wider internet communities by asking for people who are interested in fundraising to get in touch with them through the Portafina Facebook page, or other social media platforms.

This is a great opportunity for businesses and members of the public to get involved with Portafina's cause, and really make a difference. Please share their efforts on your own social media pages, and help to raise more awareness of diabetes.

One is seventeen people are said to be diagnosed with the condition, so for many people, it is likely to be an issue close to their hearts.

You might not think that you can make a difference, but you can. When people join together to achieve something, amazing things can happen! So visit and see how you can help join the fight to find better treatments, or even a cure, for diabetes.

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