How to make THC cartridges shatter into e-juice

E-juice, or better known as a vape juice, is the best way to consume cannabis and nicotine products. They are safe. Compared to smoking, you do not inhale any toxic substances into your lungs. Instead, the air you inhale comprises of small droplets of water and other sweeteners.
Today, our emphasis is on shatter, and the best way to turn it into THC vape juice. By the end of the article, you will be a pro at making THC vape juice.

Shatter as a THC concentrate

How to make THC cartridges come in many forms. You can find them in the way of crystallized substances or distillate forms. Crystallized concentrates comprise of sugar, wax, hash, oil, and dabs.

Shatter also falls into the same category. Beginners may wonder, “Why should you use shatter in the first place?”

First, there is nothing wrong in using any of the other forms. All of them should work the same. The only difference, however, is the THC content available. If it is less than 50 per cent, then you will be sure that the high impact will be low, unless that is what you want.

People use shatter because it is the most popularly used of all the THC concentrates. It features a golden and translucent wax structure.

How you should use shatter

It is always an argument amongst most THC users. You can dab it, or you can turn it into e-juice. Dabbing is good; on the other hand, raw smoke can damage your lungs.

When you turn it into e-juice, then you will be able to eliminate the chance of hurting your lungs by a considerable margin. Additionally, turning it into an e-liquid is beneficial because you can add terpenes or extra flavour to your vape juice. Meaning, you will experience the high better since it contains a taste and scent that you will love.

By adding flavour, you also reduce a throat hit. Therefore, you will not cough when vaping.

Preparing the shatter

Some people would prefer buying pre-filled cartridges. Nonetheless, turning the shatter into e-juice at home gives you the freedom of making it to your preference.

You may not have the knowledge to extract all the essential oils. That requires expensive laboratory equipment and a professional. Hence, we can skip that part.
On buying the shatter, it should remain inside the parchment paper unless you want to use it immediately. You should also store the shatter in a dark place to avoid light from interacting with it.

The process:

  • Gather all your tools. At least, you should have a vape pen, a transparent glass, a syringe, a pipette, thinning or diluents, and a stove or microwave.
  • Once you have this in place, place the shatter you would want to prepare into the glass.
  • Add the diluent or the flavour you would like to use. It should be a reputable wax liquidizer or terpenes. The manufacturer will provide the right mixing ratios. You will find this information on the label or manual provided in the package.
  • Use the calibrations on the syringe to measure the terpenes
  • Stir the mix then place it in a microwave for a maximum of ten seconds. Overheating it will deteriorate the potency of the THC.
  • Use the pipette filler or the syringe to pour the vape juice into the oil chamber of your vape pen.
  • If there are any leftovers in the glass, then you can place them in dark-coloured silicone bottles and put them in a dark and cool environment.

Tips for your vape pen:

Ensure that you charge your vape pen before using it. A full charge will ensure that you can vape for some time. Vapers do not know the importance of this until they try getting it to work and they cannot.

You can add the diluent to your vape juice if you need to thin it. High viscosity will push the vape pen to make use of the extra charge to heat the THC vape juice inside the oil chamber. Adding the diluent will not do any harm.

Final Thoughts

Preparing the shatter into e-juice should not be a difficult thing to do. Nonetheless, you should consider a few fundamentals. Buy the right shatter wax. With the right THC content, you are sure that you will be getting all the needed benefits.

Secondly, ensure that you buy the right vape pens. Know its intended use before you make an order.
Thirdly, and finally, choose the right terpene. Even if it should provide the required flavour, it should not overpower the original cannabis terpene.