Bladder and Bowel event in Plymouth

The eleventh Bladder and Bowel Event (BABE) is set to take place on Wednesday 12 June 2019. BABEs are aimed at supporting people with bladder and bowel problems and are organised by staff from our colorectal, urological and gynaecological teams.

The Colorectal, Urology and Uro-Gynaecology team The event will take place at the Future Inn, Derriford and will include various talks by health specialists from University Hospitals Plymouth NHS Trust. Tea and coffee will be served from 9.30am and the event will run 10.00am to 1.00pm.

“We’ve been running BABE events in Plymouth since 2015,” explains Annie Cornelius, Pelvic Floor Nurse. “We wanted to collaborate with clinicians from Colorectal, Urology and Uro-Gynaecology to run an educational and support event for people who are experiencing bladder and bowel issues.

“We appreciate the sensitivity of people discussing their often debilitating and embarrassing symptoms of bladder and bowel topics. Our staff are on hand to take any questions, offer support and give practical advice.”

The event will include talks and discussions by local specialist nurses, physiotherapists and consultants about having an overactive bladder and an irritable bowel, the impact of spinal injury on the bladder and bowel, and percutaneous tibial nerve stimulation (PTNS). The importance of exercising your pelvic floor will also be covered, as will sacral nerve stimulation (SNS).

Finally, there will be the chance to hear from a patient talking about their own experiences of dealing with bladder pain.

There is no need to book to attend, just come along on the day and enjoy some tea and coffee with some of our specialists. If you have any questions, you can email or leave a message for the BABE Team on 01752 430033.