8 beauty tips to get you ready for summer

The clocks may have only just changed, and we might not have reached Easter yet, but it’s still not too early to be thinking – and dreaming - about summer. The long days and warm evenings of the summer months will soon be upon us, and there are a number of ways in which you can start getting yourself ready for the heatwave from a beauty point of view.

From preparing your hair for its greater exposure to sunlight to getting your feet ready for public viewing as your summer shoes come out the cupboard, here are eight beauty tips to get you ready for summer.

Start getting your hair healthy

Summer can take a real toll on your hair. Sunlight, sea salt damage from taking a dip in the water at one of Britain’s best beaches and the effects of chlorine from cooling down at your local swimming pool can all impact on the quality of your hair. You can help to protect it from the damage that summer can cause by starting to get it strong and healthy in advance. Make a habit of deep cleaning your hair at least once a week, using either a generous lashing of coconut oil or a mask.

Get exfoliating

You might think that scrubbing your entire body in the shower is a lengthy process that you can do without until summer actually arrives but doing so now can make a big difference to the health of your skin. By exfoliating, you’ll be improving your skins ability to absorb moisturising products and given how dry skin can get in the warmer months, this is essential. It will also make the arduous task of shaving your legs throughout the summer much more pleasant.

Consider a change in your skincare routine

While we are on the subject of skincare, you might want to consider a change of routine in advance of the summer. The changing conditions in terms of temperature, moisture in the air and humidity mean that summer skin is a very different proposition to winter skin. If you’ve been using heavy oils and creams throughout the winter months, then you might want to consider a change to something lighter. You should also look for a moisturiser containing a higher sun protection factor (SPF) given you will be more exposed to potentially damaging UV rays as you spend more time in the sun.

Test out lighter makeup

Summer is hot, and as a result, you don’t want to be walking around with a full face of makeup. Not only will it run when you sweat, but it will also clog up your pores as your skin is oilier in the summer and that can cause lasting damage to your skin. By switching to light makeup and less of it, you can let your skin take advantage of the warmer weather and show off your natural glow. You don’t want to go from full makeup to none overnight, so gradually start reducing the amount you wear now and consider switching to summer-friendly products.

Start looking after your feet

Throughout the winter, feet can become one of the most ignored parts of the body. Nobody but your closest family are likely to see your feet in the winter, and so they become almost forgotten about as there is no need to worry about their appearance. Sandal wearing weather changes all that and suddenly, your feet go from never being seen to being put on public show. Get your toenails nicely filed and paint them – especially important if the final remaining chips of last year’s colour are still clinging on for dear life. You should also start to slather on heavy-duty moisturiser to repair cracked heels to give your feet the appearance of a part of the body that hasn’t been neglected over the winter – nobody need know otherwise.

Treat yourself to a non-surgical procedure

With the sunshine out, the chances are that you are going to be spending a lot more time outdoors and in public spaces. That makes the summer the perfect time to finally take the plunge and get that non-surgical procedure that you’ve been thinking of having for a while done. Seeing more people will mean a greater appreciative audience for your improved look, and you’ll also feel more confident as a result. Whether it is laser facial treatment, Lip Fillers or body contouring, a non-surgical process will have you looking beautiful this summer.

Check what is in your medicine cabinet

It’s a good idea to check your medicine cabinet before summer arrives. How many of us go through and look at the expiry dates on products in our medicine cabinets? There is a reason that medicine has a use by date after all – and you don’t want to be stung by a bee only to find out you have no in-date antihistamines or discover three weeks into summer that you’ve been covering yourself in out of date sun cream. Have a look at what you have in stock and how much of it is usable. By preparing now, there won’t be any nasty surprises should an occasion arise when you need to raid the first aid kit.

Detox in preparation

The long hours of darkness and the fact that we tend to eat a lot more over winter can mean that you feel rather sluggish when Spring arrives. It’s almost like waking up from hibernation, except of course that we haven’t actually been to sleep. You can start preparing for summer by doing your best to make your body feel healthier and more alive by detoxing. Cut out alcohol and nicotine to improve your complexion and general wellbeing. Start drinking green tea to flush out all the winter toxins from your body and replace processed foods or those high in saturated fat with something green and healthy. By detoxing now, you’ll be boosting your yourself and your energy levels ahead of summer, leaving you feeling fresh and ready to tackle the warm days ahead.