South West’s snacking habits revealed

This January, 73% of people in the South West – who would usually tuck into their favourite treats up to three times a day – plan on cutting back on snacks, new research from premium crisp company Burts Chips reveals.

The research found that the South West’s all-time favourite snack is crisps (42%), and the top health-conscious treat was the humble banana (29%).

The office is the snacking hotspot across the region, as two thirds (67%) can’t resist enjoying a tasty boost at work. What’s more, residents make a real effort to satisfy their appetite, as 47% will go to the shops or vending machines to get their nibble of choice.

Cornwall is a region of opposing treat tendencies, as results show that folks from Truro are aspiring to eat less snacks, whereas the people of Penzance are happy with their habits. Meanwhile, closer to Burts Chips’ headquarters, 76% of Plymouth residents plan on cutting back on unhealthy snacks.

The survey was commissioned by Burts Chips to launch its healthier snack, Quinoa Crinkles, and support locals’ 2017 healthy eating intentions. The range features 45% less fat than classic crisps and is gluten free, perfect for anyone looking to make small swaps to support their 2017 goals.

Simon Knight, spokesperson for Burts Chips, said: "Snacking is essential for keeping energy levels up and rumbling stomachs at bay. Healthy options for snacking are more available than ever, with a great range of innovative choices that easily fit into South Westerners three--a-day habit. What’s more, products like Quinoa Crinkles taste great, so you don’t have to compromise on your favourite treat.” 

Burts Chips Quinoa Crinkles will be available from February at select retailers, please visit the website for more information