Can you offer Beau a home?

When homeless hound Beau arrived at Dogs Trust Ilfracombe in February 2014, the team never thought he would still be with them three years later.

But sadly that’s the case for the six-year-old Lurcher, Beau who is one of the rehoming centres’ longest-serving residents after being there for 1,100 days and overlooked by more than 16,000 dog-loving visitors.

Now, as he faces seeing the third anniversary of his arrival come and go, the staff at the West Down-based Rehoming Centre are hoping it won’t be too long before that special someone decides he’s the four-legged friend they are looking for.

Rogan Quinn, Rehoming Centre Assistant Manager at Dogs Trust Ilfracombe, says: “Three years ago, Beau was handed in to us through no fault of his own after his owner had a change in circumstances. It’s such a shame that he is still with us as he is a wonderful dog with so much love to give. He can find new people and situations a little daunting so he is looking for a quiet adult-only home with few visitors and no pets so he can really make the most of his time with his new owners.

“People think Lurchers need lots of exercise and whilst they do love a good run, they are equally as happy when they are relaxing in a comfy bed too. In fact, one of Beau’s favourite things to do is to relax on the sofa – he’s a bit of a couch potato!

“Beau needs owners who are happy to take their time building a bond with him and be happy to come to the centre a few times to meet him. Once he knows and trusts you he likes a fuss and would make a great pet in the right home. We just need that special someone to give him a chance to have the wonderful life he deserves.”
Could you give Beau his ideal home? If so, please contact Dogs Trust Ilfracombe on 0300 303 0292.

Since arriving at Dogs Trust Ilfracombe….

·         Beau has watched more than 1,000 dogs find their forever home
·         He has celebrated two birthdays and two Christmases at the rehoming centre
·         He has walked around 2,000 miles
·         He has eaten around 500kg of food