The most popular online games for adult gamers

The concept of gaming has changed beyond measure over the past decade or two. Back in the 90s, Plymouth had its share of gaming shops, and these were aimed primarily at teenagers choosing the latest games for their Segas and Nintendos. Today, console gaming is still popular, but it has been overtaken by the increased choice and convenience afforded by playing online.

However, something else has also changed. Perhaps you were one of those teenagers of the 90s who spent your spare money on the latest Sonic the Hedgehog or Rayman game for your Megadrive or PlayStation. The chances are, 25 years on, you still like to pass the occasional idle moment with a game on your smartphone. The gamers of the late 20th century have grown up, and so have the games. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular games for this new demographic of gamers.

The classic card games

Here’s an aspect of gaming that has been changing with the times and reinventing itself for far longer than 20 years. One of the oldest card games, vingt et un, has been a favourite for more than 200 years. Back in the 1700s, it was played by the French aristocracy in the carefree days before the revolution. Today, thousands of people log on to live blackjack sites every day to play what is essentially the same game. There are thousands of other card games available online too, and most are free to play. The classic Klondike solitaire, or patience as we used to call it, has spawned scores of subtly different versions, ranging from the simple to the devilishly difficult for those who really want to be challenged.

A love of sport

When we fall in love with a sport, it usually lasts a lifetime. Of course, as the years roll by, we might be less inclined to get out into the park and kick a ball around or spend long hours in the snooker club, but we can still enjoy the virtual challenge online. Games like FIFA and Madden have been around since the 1980s, with annual updates to keep them at the cutting edge. Today, they are played by football and NFL fans of every age, from teenagers to those in their 50s who remember the very first versions.

Brain training

If you think that playing games in your 40s, 50s and beyond is a new invention, it’s time to think again. In years gone by, the trains between London Paddington and Plymouth were full of business people trying their best to complete the crossword in the Times or perhaps the Evening Standard. Today, they are more likely to have their noses buried in their smartphones, but the games might not be so different. There are numerous apps that will provide endless crosswords or Sudoku puzzles to keep your brain ticking over. However, in this social age, it is the games you can play competitively such as Words With Friends that are most popular of all.