Come to a Plymouth & South Devon "Inquiry"

A Social Saturday double-bill

When you think about your local community, what immediately comes to mind? What are the best things about it? And what’s missing right now?

Imagine what a better future could be: meaningful livelihoods, connected communities, a healthier planet... What do we want?

How can we use the coming age of robots and technology to our advantage - to set us free?

What role can community business play in shaping the future of our communities?

What concrete steps can we take to lead us to a future we are all looking forward to?

In June, over 100 people came together at the Devonport Guildhall for a ‘Friendly’ gathering. We had some beautiful food from Veggie Perrins, free drink, music, poetry, theatre and plenty of good chat. A very diverse community just getting to know each other.

Now those same people – and anyone else who wants to join us – are invited to Part 2:

The Inquiry

Saturday, October 13th 2018
10.30 – 17.00
Devonport Guildhall, Ker Street, Plymouth, PL1 4EL

Come together to dream and co-create, to build citizens networks, and to get concrete about what needs to be done.

Lunch, tea and cake will be provided.

Pay what you can (but our suggested donation is £5.00)

Part of a Social Saturday double-bill with after party- the FREEBEER launch

Then come to the after party, at 8.00pm till late, the launch of #FREEBEER, from Plymouth's new community brewing company Billy Ruffian’s Brewing Co. This is the outcome of a conversation with the Atlantic Festival, Danish art collective SUPERFLEX and local social entrepreneurs.