Buckfast Abbey hosts ‘Shadowlands’ marking 50 years since CS Lewis’s death

CS Lewis is remembered this year in Shadowlands, a new production by the Unleashed Theatre Company, to commemorate the 50th anniversary of his death. 

Hosted by Buckfast Abbey, as part of its regular programme of artistic events, they have commissioned the Unleashed Theatre Company, made up of gifted and enthusiastic people drawn from Baptist, Anglican, Catholic & Pentecostal churches from across South Devon to produce a high quality drama which entertains but also raises difficult issues concerning the Christian faith.

Shadowlands is the fourth production to be performed by the Unleashed Theatre Company at Buckfast Abbey.  Whilst the previous performances have taken place in the open air, the Schiller Hall at the Abbey is the location for Shadowlands.  An original musical score has been written especially for the play by local composer Simon Zimmerman.  The intense emotion conveyed in the play is heightened by the inclusion of contemporary dance, provided by professional dancers from the Plymouth area.

The Playwright William Nicholson commented about the production, “It sounds wonderful. I wish you great success with your production. I'm pleased that the sponsors are monks, as a former student of the monks of Downside Abbey.”

Shadowlands is directed by Jude Earnshaw and runs from 26th to 31st August. Tickets cost £12 and are available from the Box Office at Buckfast Abbey on 01364 645506.