Which Premier League teams have gambling shirt sponsors?

More money is spent on footballers today than ever before and football clubs are richer than ever. There is a lot of interest for the king of sports all over the world, but nowhere else is this more obvious than in the UK. The Premier League is widely regarded as the best league in the world, even ahead of the La Liga, home to Real Madrid and Barcelona. One of the reasons for why so many people pay so much attention to football these days is that the sports betting industry has made the games far more exciting.

Online bookmakers, as well as land-based operators provide players with the chance to turn the heat up a notch each time a football match is played. Premier League games are played mostly over the weekend, but the odds are displayed many days and sometimes weeks in advance. With so much interest for sports betting, it comes as no surprise that bookmakers have taken special interest in the flagship clubs. There are 20 teams in the English first division and almost half of them have gambling shirt sponsors.

The win-win scenario sponsorship deals

Bookmakers and online casinos in the UK are happy to provide financial support to football clubs, in exchange of exposure. There’s no better way to advertise a brand than by having the name of the shirts of prominent football players. The top Premier League teams are sponsored by other organizations and companies and none of them have a bookmaker as the main sponsor. That’s because airline companies, banks and other large organizations can still afford to pay significantly more than even the most successful gambling operators.

Mansion88 is the proud sponsor of Bournemouth, a team that has joined the elite of English football and has successfully avoided relegation in recent years. Burnley are in a similar situation and they have signed a sponsorship deal with LaBa360, another bookmaker focusing on the UK market. Crystal Palace has the logo of ManBetX clearly displayed on the shirts of its players, while Everton has a similar agreement with SportPesa. Dafabet have reached an agreement with Fulham and are the main sponsor of the Londoners.

Huddersfield are in real danger of relegating at the end of this season, but for the time being they are the Premier League team sponsored by OPE. Newcastle United have also returned to the elite after a season in the Championship and now they are sponsored by Fun88. West Ham United barely survived relegation last season and are far from safe this year, but their partnership with Betway is still going strong. Last but definitely not least, Wolverhampton shirts have the W88 logo displayed, as the main sponsor of this team.

Bookmakers pay more attention to Premier League teams than ever before and as the quality of English football continues to improve, this is unlikely to change. There’s a lot of interest for Championship teams, so next season there’s a good chance to have even more teams with gambling shirt sponsors.