Plympton Academy takes part in RSPB Big Garden Watch

Staff, students and parents at Plympton Academy have taken part in the
recent RSPB’s Big Garden Bird Watch.
The Academy invited students and their families to take part in the
survey and submit their results through the school.
Phoebe Hall and Josh Tucker, both aged 12, helped organise the
school’s survey and collated the results. Josh said; “I didn’t know
that there were so many different types of birds in our local area.”
Phoebe added; “It was really interesting to see the types of birds
that visit people’s gardens.”
In 2018, Plympton Academy was awarded the Green Tree Award from the
Woodland Trust in recognition of the conservation work undertaken by
Teacher Martin Edmonds said; “The RSPB Birdwatch has grown in
popularity over the years and it is now the world’s largest wildlife
survey, with around half a million people regularly taking part. It is
one of the biggest citizen science events in the world and we are very
pleased to have taken part.”