Plympton Academy students visit local church

Students from Plympton Academy visited St Mary’s Church this week to
talk about learning, literacy and Lent.

The students had starting learning about Lent in school and had made
their own Lenten vows. Many of them had chosen to try spending less
time on their mobile phones and to concentrate instead on reading
during Lent.

Father Sweeny invited the youngsters to the church, near the school,
where they were given a tour of the building and an Easter egg to mark
the end of Lent.

Father Sweeney said: “"It was a privilege to welcome the students from
Plympton Academy to St Mary's Church. I was really interested to hear
about their Lenten vows and I am very impressed that they stuck with
them! Now that Lent has finished the Church continues to celebrate the
joy and significance of the empty tomb for a number of weeks. In June
the church celebrates the birth of the church (known as Pentecost),
although I doubt the chocolate eggs will last until then!”
Plympton Academy student, Kiel, aged 14 said: “It was interesting to
visit the church, I didn’t realise how old it was. I have been trying
to read a lot more lately so I feel I have earned my Easter egg!”
Plympton St Mary Church was consecrated in 1311 although there has
been a church on the site for more than a thousand years.