Plympton Academy students take part in chemistry experiment

Chemistry students from Plympton Academy put their text books aside recently to do a hands on experiment.

The Year 7 pupils created a density column with three liquids, tomato ketchup, oil and coloured water.

The students then placed a small marshmallow on top and predicted if the sweet would survive the fizz created by an added vitamin C tablet.

“Not only is this experiment fun and messy but it allows the students to pick up useful skills, including making predictions, measuring and observations skills,” said Plympton Academy chemistry teacher, Rose Hutton.

The experiment was a hit with the pupils. "It was a messy practical and I liked putting the marshmallow in because I guessed it would float,” said Oliver Wilson. “I enjoyed learning about density, floating and sinking".

Lexi Palmer said; “I enjoyed the practical and learnt about floating and sinking. The fizzing part was fun.”