Plympton Academy students learn poem by heart

Students at Plympton Academy have risen to the challenge of learning a
poem by heart.
Year 7 students were set a challenge by Plympton Stannator Natalie
Harrison to learn Wordsworth’s famous poem Daffodils.
Mrs Harrison then visited the school to listen to the students
reciting it. She stayed to have tea with the youngsters and was
presented with a bouquet of flowers. The flowers, including Sweet
Williams and Stocks, were all grown in the Plympton area, and were
supplied by the Ridgeway florist Miss Pinks in honour of the
Stannator’s visit.
The Stannator said: “It was a pleasure to visit Plympton Academy again
where I received such a warm welcome. I thoroughly enjoyed listening
to members of Year 7 recite Daffodils by William Wordsworth to
commemorate Spring. It was clear that the students had worked very
hard to learn this iconic poem and worked really well as a team to
recite it.”
Pupil Aradia Turton, aged 13, said: “I really enjoyed learning the
poem and it was much easier learning four verses than I thought it
would be.”
Fellow student, 12 year old Jack James, thought the poem was really
good.” It was a challenge to learn it all but I am proud of myself
that I did.”
Plympton Academy teacher Martin Edmonds added: “Learning a poem by
heart helps to develop the memory, improves language skills and builds
confidence; we are very proud of our students for learning this poem
and have now set a longer poem as their next challenge!”