Plympton Academy students learn about Lent

Students from Plympton Academy welcomed Reverend Andy Day from Ridgeway Methodist Church into school recently.
The Minister was in to explain the meaning of Shrove Tuesday, Lent and Easter. The students had pancakes with him and thought about how they could challenge themselves as part of Lent. The students’ own suggestions included eating fewer sweets and spending less time on computer games and their mobile phones.
Reverend Day said; “Lent and Easter are very special times of the year. Lent is a journey that Christians take to help us be ready to celebrate the events of Easter Day. During Lent many people try to give up something they love – like chocolate, sweets or biscuits, or try to take up something and to make a positive effort to be more helpful or kinder to others. It was marvellous to be able to talk about the nature of the challenge and to meet such enthusiastic young people."