Plympton Academy student meets local MPs

Students from Plymouth’s Military Kids Club (MKC) met and quizzed the city’s three MPs at the Council House recently.

12 year old Abi Franklin represented Plympton Academy at the meeting and spoke with MPs Sir Gary Streeter, Luke Pollard and Johnny Mercer.

The meeting was overseen by Plymouth Lord Mayor Cllr Sam Davey and was attended by more than 100 local school students.

Plympton Academy student Abi said; “We talked about the quality of accommodation for military families, the many difficulties service students face and the problems caused when military children need to move school frequently because of parental deployment. It was interesting and fun to meet our MPs – it was really good that they let us talk and they listened!”

Martin Edmonds, a teacher from Plympton Academy said; “This was a wonderful opportunity for young people from service families to meettheir MPs and discuss issues that concern them. We are very proud of Abi for representing Plympton students at this important event."