Plympton Academy netball teams celebrate their success

It’s been a busy and very successful season for netball players at Plympton Academy and their hard work and determination has paid off
again recently.

The Year 8 and 9 teams have both won trophies after coming top of their groups in the Central Venue Plymouth Leagues organised by the
Plymouth Schools Sports Partnership.

Thanks to sponsorship by local firm, The Computer Cabin, the teams are now playing in new netball dresses, designed by Adam from Kit World,
and have joined the Plymouth and District Junior League at Marjon.

“The teams have grown from strength to strength this season,” said Plympton Academy PE teacher, Kirsty Luke. “They have relished the opportunity to play against club level teams and developed not only as a team but as individuals.

"I am overwhelmed by the girls' determination, passion and love for the game of netball and I look forward to celebrating their future successes.”

The player’s commitment and accomplishments were also acknowledged at a recent celebration evening. Parents and siblings were invited along to the school to celebrate the girls’ achievements as well as being thanked for their continued support.

“My mum, dad and two sisters came to celebrate my achievements in netball and loved it, especially because they were able to play some netball and shoot some goals,” said student and netball player, Lucy Packer.

The girls have also been on a netball tour and competed against teams from across the country. They even got to meet England netball player, Eboni Blatchford-Chambers.

"Netball is a fun game to play and can include all your friends,” said student and netball player, Ella Kerswill.

Her team mate Megan Appleby agrees. “I enjoy netball because I am a sporty person; I love competition! I love that netball is a team game
and that it's fun. It is a lot harder than it looks and extremely tactical."

Next year the teams will be taking part in a netball tour to Liverpool to watch the netball world cup.

“Netball is exciting millions across the country with the recent gold success in the Commonwealth Games and here at Plympton Academy we are equally excited and enthused for what the future has to offer for our player's and team's achievements,” said PE teacher, Kirsty Luke.